Reconsidering about website

2016/12/20 21:05 in Uncategorized

It's said SSL certificates will be a MUST addon for B2B site, especially after 1 Jan 2017 when Google set those http sites as unsecured.

I did my homework about Bluehost where I host my websites.

The proceed was frustrating:
1. Thanks to China Telecom, it's damn slow to login bluehost background. Connection failed many times during my operation, in fact I waste about 1.5 hours doing nothing!
2. To add SSL certificate, dedicated IP is necessary, which mean another USD5.99 per month (36 months).
3. They suggest me upgrade to a USD14.99 per month plan(36 months), which includes SSL and dedicated IP with better performance, but I'm satisfied with current performance.
4. I did a math again, finding it's not a good bargain at all - My shared hosting plan charge USD4.99 per month only, and it will expire in 12 month. 14.99-4.99=10
5. So my best strategy will be, continue my existing plan, purchase dedicated IP and opt to a free SSL certificate. Let's encrypt may be.

All previous posts deleted

2016/12/06 15:57 in Uncategorized

2 or 3 months ago I deleted a suspicious mysql database from my web host, only few weeks later I realized really bad things happened - the database is my blog!

The websever has a backup of only 1 month, so I cannot recover the lost...

Here is the problem, what's gone is gone, what's next is what we don't know.

If not this accident happened, I won't be writing this post(I don't update for months, maybe years).

The meaning of blog is very different from my teenage years, back to that time I would rather waste a whole afternoon to compose an article for strangers to read, for free. All I needed was self-satisfaction. When I grew up, life pushed me to forward, I am busy at work.